Frequently asked questions

How long do your caramels keep?
To be safe, I'll tell you to enjoy your caramel treats within one month of purchase. But just between you and me, I caught my parents eating Christmas caramels in March.
Are your caramels gluten free and/or vegan?
Vegan: that's a big fat no. While you won't ever find any meat products in our caramels (Jill's a vegetarian) we do use heavy cream and butter in our caramels and cage free eggs in our brownies.

Gluten free: Caramels, yes! Brownies and shortbreads, no :(
Can you create custom orders or flavors?
I can absolutely create custom orders for you. Just give us some advance notice, and we can make just about anything happen. Caramel bar for your wedding? Done. Brownies and shortbreads cut into bite-sized pieces for a baby shower? No problem.

I'm also always thinking up new flavor ideas, so if you want to create a custom flavor for an event, I'd be happy to chat with you about it!
Where can I find your caramels?
Just visit the handy dandy "Where to Find Us" link at the top of the page. It will tell you not only in which shops our caramels are currently for sale, but also our upcoming markets.
Who's MIllie?
Millie was my grandmother, my daddy's mom. I never got the chance to know her, but I'm told I look like her, and that she was a great cook. While the recipes are all mine (she didn't make caramel), I wanted to name my company in her honor.