****Please note, as of mid-December, Millie’s Caramels will be on caramel-making hiatus. We’re having a baby! And that makes Jill, the┬áhead (and only) caramel maker very tired. We need some time to get ready for baby, and after the baby come in the beginning of February, we don’t foresee having much time to make caramels. Thanks for your patronage and continued support. Check back for a baby update, and for when we might be offering caramels again!****

We’re so glad you’ve decided to visit our sweet corner of the internet. Millie’s Caramels is a little company dedicated to creating all sorts of tasty caramel treats. We’re taking traditional caramel and making it a little more modern and fun. What does that mean? It means chewy caramel candies in all sorts of creative flavor combinations. Some of our favorites are Rosemary & Black Pepper and Ginger & Toasted Coconut. Sound intriguing? We hope so!

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